What are hydraulic cylinders used for?

So, what exactly are hydraulic cylinders used for? Let us explain. A hydraulic cylinder is used to create mechanical force in a linear motion. A hydraulic cylinder is a tube that is capped at either end with a rod sticking out of the one side. Attached to this rod, inside of the cylinder you will find a piston. The piston separates the piston that is inside of the cylinder from the internal cap. Fluid is then forced into either side of the hydraulic cylinder in order to extend or retract the piston rod.

The part of the machine that requires motion is where the piston rod will be attached to, this could be platen on a press or it could be the boom arm on an excavator. Basically, any application that requires linear application of force is a great use of a hydraulic cylinder, and there is no other method of linear motion that is as strong and efficient as a cylinder is. A hydraulic cylinder is able to extend with force ranging from a couple thousand pounds all the way up to thousands of tons.

You would use hydraulic cylinders in mobile applications such as dump trucks, excavators, graders, loaders, dozers, back hoes, to name just a few. Hydraulic cylinders can pull, push and lift loads of any description, and our mobile machinery industry relies almost exclusively on hydraulic cylinders for the linear motion.

Hydraulic cylinders are also used frequently in the industrial machinery industry. The power density of a hydraulic cylinder is simply unmatched, which makes them perfect for compactors, presses, forging presses, injection moulding and more. Even when it comes to the more advanced applications such as fatigue testing or flight simulators, a hydraulic cylinder can be used in almost any linear motion application.

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