The Most Common Dangers When Running Industrial Steam Systems

Almost all industrial equipment comes with a certain level of risk when being used, and steam systems are no different. As an integral part of many industrial processes, a number of different types of businesses are reliant on fluid and steam control systems for everyday processes. Unfortunately (especially when not properly used or maintained) they do present a number of potential dangers to workers and the facility itself. Avoiding these risks involves an understanding of how they occur, so let’s take a look at some of the most common hazards faced when working with steam systems.

Obstacles and Physical Hazards

Steam systems, and the precipitation that they produce, present a number of slipping hazards to workers in the area, and as such, may result in injuries being sustained by them. This is a particularly serious concern wherever workers are handling heavy or dangerous materials.

Avoiding such slippages can be done by clearly marking out  areas where precipitation results in slippery surfaces, so that workers can work in those areas with extra care.

Leaking Steam

Steam leaks, beyond creating slippery surfaces, also present dangers to workers when the fluids they carry are heated  to beyond boiling point. This raises the ambient temperature of the facility and if left unchecked, can contribute to an unsafe working environment.

Furthermore, heated fluids through leaking pipes can result in burns being sustained by your workers, with steam burns often resulting in severe injuries.

Suffering Financial Losses

Leaks from steam-pipes, valves or traps present a financial burden to the facilities that they occur in. When traps start to fail, millions of Rands worth of steam can be lost from a system each month, which can become very costly for a business.

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